Gateway to Africa and the World

YWAM Worcester is a ministry of YWAM International, a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”), we unite in a common purpose “To Know God and To Make Him Known“.

YWAM Worcester’s Mission Statement

YWAM Worcester is an international Christian Community, called to develop and train people from all backgrounds, releasing them to passionately represent Christ across Africa and the world.

Why we do what we do

We offer a wide range of training programs accredited with the University of the Nations International, aiming to equip individuals with skills, knowledge, character and experience in order for them to succeed in life and to be empowered to represent Christ in all spheres of society.

We are serving the local community with a variety of transformational ministries aimed to empower children, youth, men/women and families. We are regularly reaching 3000+ children in Worcester through our involvement with schools and different aftercare programs, running our own pre- and primary school on campus. We are involved in feeding schemes, prison ministry, church planting, mentoring groups, counselling, family ministry and much more.

What do we believe

We believe in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit who gives freedom to God’s people. We are creating an environment where people can heal while experiencing this freedom and are encouraged to strive for both, the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit in order to be transformed and to bring transformation everywhere they go.

Freedom in the Spirit YWAM

Learn from many cultures

We do have constantly 30+ different Nations represented at YWAM Worcester, which of course creates an amazing international atmosphere.

We embrace artists

We offer an environment where artists can express God’s heart creatively and grow in skill, character and experience.

Family Friendly Environment

We understand the needs of families and we are committed to making room for them. We do run our own Christian pre and primary school on campus.

Freedom in the Spirit

YWAM Worcester’s openness to the Holy Spirit creates an environment where there is freedom instead of control. We are regularly seeing people healed, emotionally and physically, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

why YWAM Worcester

What others are saying about YWAM Worcester

The vision of 4africa has its origin in Worcester, South Africa. Some of our project leaders have been trained at YWAM Worcester. We appreciate their values and ethics very much. To us the work of YWAM Worcester is having an important impact throughout Africa.
- Matthias Klöti, President of 4Africa
Pam and I recently had the great pleasure of living and working at the Worcester base for six months. It is a warm and receiving place where people can find deep fellowship with God and form bonds of friendship and belonging. It is also a place of great vision. People are looking outwards towards the nations. What a wonderful place to discover and launch God’s will for one’s life. May God’s Kingdom in Africa move ahead! I’m sure that YWAM Worcester will be right in the middle of things!
- Jim Stier, YWAM elder
If you are looking for a place of renewal and want to consecrate yourself, look no further then Ywam Worcester. Situated in the Brede Valley, with its majestic mountains, and a rich heritage of revival, known as the gateway to Africa and the world, will capture your heart, mind, and imagination. You will not want to leave again. Jy is welkom om aan the sluit!
- Wilson Goeda, Author and International Speaker
YWAM Worcester honors and lives out the 17th value of our mission which is hospitality. They exhibit great expressions of generosity, welcoming everyone with open hearts into their beautiful hospitality facilities. The beauty and creativity is outstanding! I can recommend them, for all the world to see and experience God’s love.
- Rachel Dangtoumda, Co-Founder YWAM Port Hartcourt, Nigeria