Here on the base we are very excited about the new quarter and the new term that started this week! The base is buzzing with life again after the break and after the DTS went on outreach. There are lots of new faces that we are eager to get to know more about. We welcome old and new students from all over the world to the English Language School (training people to fulfill their calling by enabling them to minister in English), the Troubadour DTS (a discipleship training school with a focus on creativity), the School of Humanities (which provides students with the opportunity to gain the intellectual and practical tools necessary to meet the challenges of the contemporary world), as well as the Biblical Core Course (during which the students will read through the entire Bible, providing them with the tools to study the Bible and go deeper in the Word)!

– ”The first base worship of a quarter normally provides us with some insight into what the next season is going to be like,” base director Bruno said as we gathered together on Monday morning. Based on that meeting we can be sure that God is going to move among us and do new things in these coming three months! Our responsibility is to stay connected with Him and be open.

To see some of the new faces check out the video and the photos bellow!

(YWAM Worcester Communication Team, Nanna)

TDTS (Troubadour Discipleship Training School)

ELS (English Language School)
The School of Humanities and International Studies

BCC (Bible Core Course)