“Families that play together stay together” was the theme of a ministry outreach fun day that was recently organized by the Family Base ministry, one of the ministries of YWAM Worcester. The event was a good example of how different ministries and schools can work together to reach out to the community. The day was a total team effort as the students of the Discipleship training school (DTS), Couples and Family Counseling School (CFC)  and the following three ministries (Change Makers, South Roots and TheKibbutz) all contributed to make the event a great success. Not only did these ministries contribute but local farmers also jumped in and decided to give food donations.

There were about a 100 families from the Roodewal area that came together for different activities and games, each at a different station. The day was a lot of fun. Thank you for everyone that contributed. Please continue to pray for the Family Base ministry and in general for the families in Roodewal.

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