The weekend of the 13-15 September 2013 YWAM Worcester hosted the Friends for Life workshop. The workshop was oranized and run by Christiaan and Tineke Baas, YWAM Worcester staff members and also overseers of REAPP (Relationship Enrichment by Applying Preventive Principles) in South Africa.

Thirty six people attended the workshop. “It was the most diverse group we ever worked with!!” says Tineke. ” Awesome put together. Local people from Roodewal, Avian Park and Langerug, YWAM-mers and even a couple that flew in from Nelspuit. Very interesting! God has done an amazing things this weekend in the hearts of many – and in ours.”
The workshop is based on preventive principles for building relationships. Practical tools for every day use.
It was a very dynamic weekend with topics such as:
* successful communication
* using conflicts creatively, including the purpose of anger and how to deal with it in a healthy way
* teaching about intimacy and sexuality

This week they will continue to train three people as facilitators to take on the worship in Johannesburg and Potchefstroom and in three weeks time they will also have the opportunity to train the Family Ministry School students to become facilitators. This is good news as it means that REAPP South Africa in multiplying!FFL_03 FFL_04 FFL_01 FFL_02