Teachers of the Nations

The Teachers of the Nations ministry is a vision of Dr. Mella J Davis, one of our missionaries originally from the USA.

The Teachers of the Nations’ goal is to empower girls in South Africa through education and provide them with the necessary skills for financial independence and successful lives. They desire to see girls living the life God predestined for them with a healthy self-concept and giving back to their communities.

Teachers of the Nations runs weekly programs, offering Tuesday discipleship classes directed towards building the girls’ self-esteem and their self-concept through Christ, while raising up leaders in this present generation. Thursdays, they offer tutorials in math, English, music, and soccer. Their Tuesday classes and holiday camps offer training in the arts and job skills including sewing, crocheting, dance, drama, voice, drums, and piano.

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Masterpeace Academy

Teachers of the Nations is committed to building schools of excellence for girls in Africa. Please pray for them as their goal is to open their first school later this year.  In particular, it is their goal to provide access to quality education: primarily for underprivileged and neglected students. Their first venture is to provide a school experience for girls from the city of Worcester, South Africa. Epidemic levels of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, alcoholism, and teenage pregnancy are factors that make this venture vital for social change and critical for breaking the poverty cycle. Their mission is to educate young women so that they became change agents in their towns, cities, and countries. Their goal is to help prepare them with viable economic skills and training so that they can be productive and contribute financially, relationally, and spiritually to their communities.

MasterPeace Academy is sure to appeal to those parents who desire their children to learn in a first-rate English-speaking institution with compelling studies and demanding academic rigor. Nestled in the beautiful setting of the Worcester wine-country, the school will provide safety and security, making it truly an enviable place to study. For those girls who come from lives of chaos and upheaval, where they have often served as the parent in the home, this school offers the unique opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment and experience the beauty of simply being a child.