Teachers of the Nations is a ministry of Youth With A Mission Worcester and was founded in 2012. The goal of the ministry is to enable and empower young girls spiritually, intellectually and emotionally for success in life.  For instance, the girls have benefited from teaching on God’s view of their sexuality and womanhood presented by a female Christian doctor. At present, they meet weekly for discipleship and training in the arts. The girls have received training in piano, drums, drama, as well as dance. They had two concerts thus far. As they learn a particular skill, they gain needed confidence in themselves.

The ministry also helps the girls in practical ways such as providing clothes and shoes as well as school supplies to the girls and their family members. Their goal is to improve the community as well. For this reason, they are involved in planting gardens, cleaning the school grounds in Avian Park, and providing needed tutorials. During the course of the term, Mella Davis ( the founder and leader of the ministry) visits the schools that the girls attend, speak with their teachers and principals, and also visit their homes. Since some girls suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome and other disabilities,they draw on the expertise of mental health professionals as well.

Their present goal is to have the girls experience life outside of their communities. Therefore, they are working hard to provide them with opportunities such as camping trips and visits to cultural venues. Eventually, their goal is to open a school for girls.

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