The Troubadour Discipleship Training School (TDTS) with its focus on the creative Arts is one of the schools that recently started in the beginning of our second term here at YWAM Worcester. The school has been established on the base over the last five years, and gives opportunity for those with a love for arts to learn and express themselves in a creative environment.  Their theme this term is “Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Ps 100:1” and they plan to do just that when they leave on outreach to Brazil(for the Soccer World Cup) towards the end of their lecture phase.

Not only did they have a time of orientation during the first week but they also had the opportunity to attend a Niko camp. Niko, a word meaning to conquer or to overcome, is a wilderness leadership training program where students  take risks to discover more about who God has made them to be. The learning environment is the great outdoors. As an individual or a group students learn  to surrender their individual rights and learn new levels of interdependence with others. The most important aspect is that they grow in their dependence on God.

After such a great start, students and staff are looking forward with anticipation to what God has for them during the rest of the school.

new Quaeter welcoming studentsTDTS faces TDTS niko TDTS niko group