Something very close to our hearts here at YWAM Worcester is the many different ministries that are working in and around Worcester. Many of them have the opportunity to work with children.

Lifestyle Christian Academy soccer team

Avian Park soccer team










This past weekend two of the ministries had the opportunity to play soccer against each other on our own local soccer field. The one team comes from Avian Park (a neighborhood in Worcester) and the other one is the team from Lifestyle Christian Academy, the Primary school that is running on our property.

There was a great atmosphere and the boys put on a good game. After the game they all got together for some nice drinks, snacks and fellowship.

Let’s continue to pray for these different ministries that, as their soccer skills improve and they grow in their ability to play the game, they will also grow in their life-skills by learning the valuable lessons that come from making Jesus the center of their lives.

  Half time team talk


      Game time!