As we speed towards the end of the year we would like to share with you some of the exciting events that have been happening on our base in the last couple of weeks.

We have had two of our mid-year schools graduate after coming back from outreach. The one being the Awakening DTS and the other the Introduction to Primary Health Care school (IPHC). We celebrated with the students as they received their certificates and looked at their short video summaries with amazement to see what they have accomplished during their outreach time. The IPHC school spent their two months in Zimbabwe working in rural villages and other areas where primary health care was needed. The ADTS had different teams that ministered in South Africa, Mozambique and Switzerland.

On Thursday the 21st of November during our community meeting we had our “voice of the nations” celebrations where different countries came together to worship God in their own particular way. There was not only an international flag march , dance and song, but at the end of the meeting everyone had an opportunity to taste some traditional foods from some of the countries represented on the base. We had a great evening together, celebrating our diversity as we worship Jesus together.

2013-11-21 19.54.52

Graduation of the ADTS

2013-11-21 20.09.29

Voice of the Nations flag march

2013-11-28 20.36.21

IPHC graduation

2013-11-21 21.45.17

Voice of the nations choir