One of the highlights or the Troubadour DTS and for that matter YWAM Worcester is an annual event that has become synonymous with the Troubadour Discipleship Training School. I am talking about their Troubadour music, dance and drama show that is presented each year during the school.

This year did not disappoint as the students and staff came out with a powerful message about creation, God’s love , acceptance and plan for our lives. The show is the highlight of a two week arts seminar that is incorporated into the DTS.

The purpose of the drama is not only to teach the students skills and give them opportunity to express their creativity but this powerful message will also be used during their outreach to the soccer world cup in Brazil. Their prayer is that many will come to know Jesus through their performance or be drawn into a deeper relationship with Him as they come to a realization of His incredible love.

Please continue to pray for them as they prepare for outreach and trust God for the financial breakthroughs. 

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