Have you done a DTS? Maybe you have and now is the time to dive deeper into the Word of God? Have you been thinking of improving or learning English? Do you want to learn how to teach English to others? Have a look at the schools we will be offering in September and October this year. This may just be the right time for you to come and join us here at the YWAM Worcester base for a life changing experience with 30 plus nations from around the world. To see the starting dates and apply for any of the below mentioned schools click here.

Radical DTS (click here to watch this year’s promotional video)

Radical means to get to the root of an issue or affect the fundamental nature of something. It means to be willing to be challenged and changed, and to be influential in the change of others. Radical discipleship is a term that means to be committed beyond what is accepted by the norm. It goes beyond our feelings, hurts, fears, and insecurities, in order to increase one’s spiritual growth as a learner of Jesus. It’s holding fast to the core of Christianity as intended by Christ, revealing in the World, moving free from the “Christian culture” or its dogmas.

Radical discipleship sees the authentic Christianity committed to the real Truths of God as reveal in His Word; it’s a calling with a conviction that is not shaken in the midst of frustration, that is not hidden behind meaningless religion, but that is lived out by transforming faith, being transformed inside and out, as a true follower of Christ. The RDTS is committed to this kind of discipleship.

Students can expect to grow in a Biblical worldview that will challenge the current trends of society; they may expect to be ruined for the ordinary. Students will receive teachings from international speakers that will impart a radical love for Jesus that will encourage them to impart this love onto others in return.

X Bibile Core Course
The XBCC is 12 weeks of Bible training where you will learn to study the Bible inductively, employing a wide range of learning styles, which will equip you to study the Bible by yourself, to apply Biblical principles in your life and teach others the principles learnt.

The school uses many creative and diverse methods for reading, interpreting and applying the Scriptures, allowing you to be immersed in Scripture in a meditative atmosphere.

Besides reading through the whole Bible during the school, you will study selected books in-depth for a sound, holistic overview and understanding of the Bible.

The objectives for the school are learning and teaching the inductive Bible study method applied through creativity and reaching out to the local community and beyond.

English Language School
The English Language School is designed to equip students to successfully communicate in the English Language so that they can receive further training in missions, minister in English-speaking settings, and be better-prepared to fulfill God’s calling on their lives. The school is committed to seeing students grow and develop as individuals.

At the beginning of each 11-week-term, new students are placed in one of the 5 levels, from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate. The term includes class time, worship, intercession, weekly outreaches, outings, work duties and other activities to fully immerse in the language as well as develop a better understanding of the numerous cultures around them. With over 30 different nationalities every term, the YWAM Worcester base is an ideal place for growth and preparation to go to the nations!

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is an intensive four week course that equips students to teach English cross-culturally. The course covers the theories and methods of teaching English, classroom management, learning styles, principles of language acquisition, and how to teach basic English grammar. The course includes a practicum in which the students have the chance to practice what they are learning and receive feedback and assessments.

The course is open to non-native speakers, but they must be proficient in English in order to successfully complete the school. A DTS is not required in order to take the TESOL. Upon successful completion of the school, students will receive a TESOL certificate from University of the Nations.