Greetings from YWAM Worcester. The mountains tops surrounding us are covered with snow and we can feel the cold on our bodies but our hearts are filled with a warmth and gratefulness for the beautiful things God is doing in and

Troubadour DTS students performing.

through YWAM Worcester in this quarter.

The Troubadour DTS has seen great miracles as the team trusted God for all their outreach fees and after seven weeks touring through South Africa they saw the final miracle that allowed them to all go to Madagascar for the final stretch of their outreach.

At the same time our Passion and Pursuit DTS is busy with their lecture phase and God is busy with His life changing work in each student even as they prepare to also go to Madagascar at the end of their lecture phase.

We had the privilege to officially inaugurate the training and skills classrooms in the past week , and have already seen quite a number of micro business training courses run, as well as skills training for people from the local community. As a result there are beautiful testimonies of people that are currently running their small business in the community in the area where they came from.


TESOL students being prayed for and commissioned at the end of their course.

Our TESOL students graduated and a number of them are now busy doing their internship at our English Language School here on the base.

The other schools currently running is the Foundations for Family Studies Schoolas well as the Principles in Redeeming Culture school. The school leaders from our FFS school have also been running marriage seminars for the local community as well as YWAMers.


What makes this Principles in Redeeming Culture school unique is that, after starting the first couple of weeks on the base, they are taking the rest of the lecture phase and have been travelling each week to historical relevant towns and having their teachings in the community.

Please continue to pray for all the above mentioned students and staff as well as for the last quarter of the year that will start in September. You can have a closer look at what schools will be running then by visiting our website at