Welcoming the nations

Intercession time: Praying for the world.

As we welcomed the nations there was a sense of destiny and potential as students prepared them selves to be equipped and staff renewed their commitment to reach out not only to the nation of South Africa but also Africa and the world. This was how the year started at YWAM Worcester as we prophetically opened the gates of the base and welcomed the nations from around the world onto our property but also to South Africa.

Students on the three schools currently running , DTS, FCM and ELS are growing not only in head knowledge but also in their personal relationship with God and character as they are emerged in the live and learn environment here on the base. As they prepare to go on outreach, please pray with each one of the staff and students for the necessary funds as well as Gods anointing to flow through them as they apply what they have learned during the lecture phase.

The Micro Business startup program (MBS) is also currently running, and we are pleased to see the two new classrooms utilized not only for the MBS training but also for skills training for the community.

As we approach the new term we are looking forward to a new school that will be starting on the 18th of May called the Word By Heart School. “Word By Heart School” is a 6-month school. The lecture phase takes place at YWAM Worcester. In this phase, the student will learn one of the four gospels by memory. It will be abridged to a maximum 90-minute presentation. At the end of the three months, the student will present their gospel to a live audience. Exciting!

I’m a missionary kid and third culture kid. Born in Peru with South African parents. Even lived in two different Peruvian cultures (Andes mountains and Coastal region). Here at YWAM Worcester, I’ve found that people are very accepting. It’s such an international and multicultural base and I found I can fit in easily because people have experiences which I can relate with. One thing that impacted me was the Nations Night when they celebrated the nations and the places of origin of the people present.

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