A New Quarter
Here on the base we are very excited about the new quarter and the new term that started this week! The base is buzzing with life again after the break and after the DTS went on...
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Classic DTS Durban outreach update
So far we are all really enjoying outreach! We have had some time to do fun stuff between ministries and by the food we are eating, it hasn't hit us that this is outreach! We have...
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Words of wisdom from the Cunninghams
Last Tuesday Loren Cunningham was scheduled to speak to us over GENESIS, but due to illness we got two for the price of one, as Darlene Cunningham so eloquently put it. Darlene...
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South Roots' new production a success
Yesterday the new production, The Bride, by South Roots opened at the Little Theater in Worcester. Nobody had to leave the theater diappointed, but South Roots delivered a high...
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One Voice
Last week our base hade the privilege of being one of ten locations taking part in the GENESIS project One Voice, being broadcasted through videoconferencing. GENESIS is...
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