Monday Morning creative worship
 Monday Morning during base worship we gave opportunity to worship God not only with our music and voices  but also in other artistic and creative ways. We were all...
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First Community DTS
Last night was the commissioning of our first community run DTS. The school was run at Kibbutz El-Shammah in Roodewal, one of the suburbs of Worcester. The outreach took place...
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Troubadour DTS - Last Week
Yes we are on our last week of lecture phase, just few days before we leave for outreach in the UK.The Troubadour DTS focus in Arts of 2012 is just a great group of crazy people...
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Classic DTS 2012
On the 1st of June we had our farewell brunch with the Classic DTS 2012. 29 students from all over the world took part of the January YWAM-DTS in Worcester. 3 teams returned...
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Classic DTS outreach - São Tomé
Where do we start? The flights went well, but in Angola we reached a bit of a dilemma. The plane to São Tomé had already boarded by the time we got off our flight. Dhiogo...
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Very Sad News
It is with great sadness that we have to announce that this past Sunday we lost one of our dear students in the sea at Sedgefield (Garden Route).  9 Korean ELS students of our...
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