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The third term is here.....
The third term of this year is well on its way and we are so excited about the 75 students that have signed up with and expectancy to receive everything that God has for them for...
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HIV/TB Seminar
  An ever-growing number of churches in Africa and the world, communities are making an effort to embrace HIV-positive people and become part of the HIV prevention...
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Classic DTS 2012
On the 1st of June we had our farewell brunch with the Classic DTS 2012. 29 students from all over the world took part of the January YWAM-DTS in Worcester. 3 teams returned...
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Classic DTS outreach - São Tomé
Where do we start? The flights went well, but in Angola we reached a bit of a dilemma. The plane to São Tomé had already boarded by the time we got off our flight. Dhiogo...
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The Journey Home
This video was made by Andrew Harvey during the Troubadour DTS 2008 - YWAM Worcester, South Africa. We posted it to celebrate the Arts week that we are having in our base! Be...
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