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First Community DTS
Last night was the commissioning of our first community run DTS. The school was run at Kibbutz El-Shammah in Roodewal, one of the suburbs of Worcester. The outreach took place...
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Troubadour DTS - Last Week
Yes we are on our last week of lecture phase, just few days before we leave for outreach in the UK.The Troubadour DTS focus in Arts of 2012 is just a great group of crazy people...
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Troubadour Performing Arts Seminar
  We have started. Troubadour Performing Arts Seminar is up and running with 26 students!!!!!!!!   The Troubadour Performing Arts Seminar (TPAS) is a seminar created with ...
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Immersed in the Bible!
After a very intense 11 weeks, with lots of fun, lots of going deep and lots of loving Jesus more, the Bible Core Course was commissioned on Thursday night. Check out their video...
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All night worship
One Friday night we had all night worship from 8pm until 6am. It's good and refreshing to be in the presence of the...
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