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The third term is here.....
The third term of this year is well on its way and we are so excited about the 75 students that have signed up with and expectancy to receive everything that God has for them for...
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Monday Morning creative worship
 Monday Morning during base worship we gave opportunity to worship God not only with our music and voices  but also in other artistic and creative ways. We were all...
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Classic DTS outreach - São Tomé
Where do we start? The flights went well, but in Angola we reached a bit of a dilemma. The plane to São Tomé had already boarded by the time we got off our flight. Dhiogo...
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Get ready for London 2012!
A two year UK-wide outreach programme focusing on the build-up to and the aftermath of the Olympic Games in 2012 has begun under the banner: Forever.In the past, the Olympic...
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The Journey Home
This video was made by Andrew Harvey during the Troubadour DTS 2008 - YWAM Worcester, South Africa. We posted it to celebrate the Arts week that we are having in our base! Be...
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A New Quarter
Here on the base we are very excited about the new quarter and the new term that started this week! The base is buzzing with life again after the break and after the DTS went on...
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