YWAM Worcester Micro Business

About the Online MBS

The Micro Business Start-Up Programme (MBS Programme) is for those entrepreneurially inclined people. The programme is outcomes-based, very practical in nature, empowering and life-changing. The goal of the MBS is for each student to start up his/her own business and to run it in a sustainable, growth-producing manner. This is achieved by teaching functional knowledge that can be applied in a real-world way so that the students identify a business idea they can do, they fully research this idea, culminating in them drafting their own business plan for that idea. Whilst under tuition, they also make money by starting up a business activity and by running this activity so that they make ever-increasing amounts of money. By so doing self-confidence is gained and the student has the opportunity of utilizing the theory they are learning in a meaningful, life-changing fashion.

A follow-up and mentoring process kick off directly after the training portion of any of the three DBSP programmes has come to an end and this lasts for a minimum period of 12 months. During this period each student is monitored and assisted so that they put what they have learned directly into practice by starting up their business and positioning it for growth and sustainability.

This course is NOT a SAQA accredited qualification.

YWAM Worcester MBS

These are some of the topics covered in the seminar

All topics connect head understanding with heart and action application

‣ What is a business opportunity
‣ How to identify business Ideas
‣ What is a business?
‣ Reasons for starting up a business
‣ Steps in starting up a business
‣ Examining 3 different categories of business
‣ How to start a business on R100
‣ Reasons for business failure – Cash flow & selling on credit
‣ Research and where to find good information
‣ How do you market your product & business?
‣ Selling
‣ SWOT analysis

‣ The 3 critical areas of business – maintaining balance
‣ The basics of profit making – the 3 cost areas
‣ How to work out when your business will make a profit
‣ Business Registration
‣ Tax
‣ Protecting your business ideas
‣ The business plan
‣ How to beat your competition
‣ How to solve problems
‣ Communication skills
‣ Negotiating skills
‣ The 12 “Golden Rules” of business

School Dates

13 June – 31 August 2022
Online classes every Monday and Wednesday from 18h00 – 22h00

MBS Fees

Our fees are based on the nationality of the applicant. This fee structure (want to know more about it?) allows students from less privileged backgrounds to join our training.

ZAR 765 for South Africans (instead of R3265 thanks to 4africa sponsorship)
USD 199 for the rest of Africa
USD 299 for Asia/South America
USD 399 for the rest of the world.

Prices might change without prior notice.

Application Process

Step 1: Fill in your Application Form
Step 2: We need 2 Reference forms. One from your Pastor and the other from your last YWAM leader.

Financial Policy of YWAM Worcester

The MBS is ran in partnership with

The Dynamic Business Start-up Project

Our Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for me to join this course?
Fill in the application and pay the registration fee. Once we've received proof of payment we will send you a link where you can do the mandatory online assessment, where we will gain more insights about your entrepreneurial make-up. The assessment forms part of your application process and will determine to a large extend whether or not you will be accepted onto the course.
How long does the course run?
The course is usually taking place one day per week for 12 weeks with practical research assignments from one week to the other. Sometimes we are offering an intensive course, where we spread the 12 days over four weeks.
It shis course offered online or in contact-class?
We offer both, online and contact courses. Please check our advertisement carefully to find out which option you are signing up for.
How do I make money in the course?
You will participate in the Money Making Exercise, where you will bring R100 and multiply this money weekly by actively engaging in some business ventures. If applied seriously, students could potentially make as much as R4000 or more from the R100 in the 12 weeks.
Can I pay in instalments?
We prefer if you pay upfront. However if for some reason this is not possible for you, we can talk about possibilities. Contact us. Please note: South Africans that are receiving the advertised scholarship are required to pay their portion in full before the course starts.
Do you offer scholarships?
For South Africans we do have a scholarship sponsorship (limited availability). The scholarship is however already worked into the price, thus the low fee advertised for South Africans.
How often do you run this course?
We are trying to run it at least once or twice a year, but it will depend on the current demand and also on the availability of course facilitators. Check regularly on our webpage for future dates.
Is the MBS an accredited course with SAQA?
No, the MBS course is not registered nor accredited with the South African Authorities (SAQA). It is however accredited with the University of the Nations International as extension studies and credits earned can be transferred into any of their programs.
Will I receive a business plan at the end of the course?
You will not receive a business plan from us, but throughout the course you will do the research required for a complete business plan. As you enter your data on our online platform you will, at the end of the course, be able to print your own business plan with one click.
Is there funding available for my business start-up?
We do not fund business start-ups and are not able to connect you with potential funders. Our approach is to teach you how to start your own business with out the need of third party funding. However should you decided to start a larger business that needs outside funding, you will have a business plan at hand that will help you in the process of finding investors.
Is this a Business As Missions Course?
The main aim of this training is not to equip missionaries with business skills, but to empower the people of our communities to sustain themselves through starting and running a successful micro business. Having sait that, we are teaching global business principles that apply to anyone in business. So if a missionary wants to learn these principles, they can.