Our Troubadour DTS returned from outreach full of stories en testimonies of what they experienced. Here they are during their last week, celebrating the completion of the school and receiving their certificates. Amongst other opportunities they also had the privilege to perform at the Grahamstown Arts Festival where they spent a week sharing the love of God through their testimonies and their show.

Follow this link for a short video testimony of one of the Troubadour DTS students: Testimony


Another school that graduated was the Word by Heart School. All of these students learned the book of Luke off by heart. At the end of the school each one of them did an hour and a half oral presentation of the book. They are now ready to go and tell their “stories” and to use this method to reach others with the gospel and to share the truth of God as found in the Bible.


Staff and Students pray together weekly. We use the time to pray for a variety of topics, these include praying for the unreached peoplegroups of the world, missionaries currently in the mission field and those being sent out from our base.