This past Wednesday morning during our regular weekly morning base intercession we focused on one of the most current projects that YWAM International is targeting. A topic that Loren Cunningham is passionate about. This being ending Bible poverty around the world. Click here to watch a three minute video clip where Loren himself shares and explains the plan of action.

YWAM Worcester has made a decision to be part of this movement. We have been praying for the accomplishment of this vision but also have staff members that are actively serving the vision and asking God how they can make a meaningful contribution.

Wednesday morning our X Bible Core Course students lead a creative time of intercession and encouraged those that have not yet done so to sign the end Bible poverty covenant.  Staff and students also contributed as they were challenged to sponsor one to four Bibles. Many did pledge to give and already some of the funds that have come in together with previous donations have been used to buy Bibles that will be handed out in Zwhelethemba.