New Lifestyle Christian Academy School building. (New Building on the left side of the existing classrooms.)


Saturday morning, 18 February, we celebrated the official opening of the new training building of Lifestyle Christian Academy School here at the YWAM Worcester base. Congratulations to Jongwoo and Connie, all the teachers and also the pupils for this great accomplishment. It was such a great celebration of honoring God for what He has done. The school has seen tremendous growth over the last three years and they are trusting God to continue to be a source of blessing to the local community and the nations.


Please continue to pray for our Classic DTS students. They are in the last stretch of their lecture phase and is in the process of preparing for their outreach to Uganda, Germany and South Africa.


The latest video from our testimony series produced by YWAM Worcester’s communication department.

Marco came out of a life of gangsterism, violence and deceit. In this amazing testimony we see where he came from and how he had an encounter with God’s grace and His amazing love and decided to change. Marco now is sharing God’s word back in his community!