YWAM Worcester, in partnership with DBSP and 4africa, has been involved with Micro Business Startup and Skills Training for a couple of years now, but up until now has not had the dedicated facilities to take the training to the next level.

This week, this changed! From 30th March until 4th April a prefabricated classroom (for Micro-Business Startup Training) and a workshop (for practical skills training) were delivered to and assembled on our campus. This was made possible by the generous German NPO “Gemeinsam Gutes Bewegen”, whose participants raised the money while running the Munich Marathon in October 2016.

This generous gift enables us to continue training and equipping many more individuals in the area of business. Through their training, the participants will be able to go on and make a positive contribution in South Africa and around the world by applying what they have learnt. While some will find jobs, others will  become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. Through doing this they will not only create work for themselves but potentially create job opportunities for others to benefit from.

There is one more week left of the Micro Business Startup program that is currently running and we are grateful to be able to complete it in the newly erected classrooms. The next course will be starting on 6th June 2017 and run for 12 consecutive weeks (each Tuesday).

For more information concerning the training please visit this dedicated link on the YWAM Worcester website.