Our Music class started on the 27th of January with 6 children from Tuindorp in Worcester. This week, we had seven additional children joined the class. The idea behind the class is to help some of these children discover their musical talents and abilities.

Through the help of Gerd and Damaris from Germany, we were able to secure funding to purchase four pianos for the music skills class. We are also planning to buy an electric drumset and guitar. We want the kids to be able to choose the instrument to play based on their musical abilities and talents. So far, they have shown a great deal of diligence and commitment. 
Our vision for the music class is to be able to have a children’s mass choir and host our own music programs in Worcester. This we believe will help expose the children to the world of opportunities in Music. 

We want to sincerely thank Gerd and Damaris for their relentless effort to provide tools and equipment for the people of South Africa to acquire skills that will bring holistic transformation and escape from poverty. 

Contact: Phil Adewumi

Phone: +27 (74) 365-5011

Email: [email protected]