This last couple of weeks have been an eventful one as we saw the Troubadoer DTS (TDTS) return from outreach and graduate and also celebrated the Voice of the Nations event in the Glory Hall during our Thursday evening community meeting. 

It worked out that both the TDTS graduation and the Voice of the Nations evening fell on the same date, and so that Thursday evening we had a great celebration as students shared their testimonies of what happened on outreach and were commissioned as they continue into their next season of their walk with God. 

The evening was also characterized by the celebration of the nations as fourteen different nations brought their talents and worshipped Jesus through their dance, song, poetry and presentations. The evening ended with a buffet of snacks from the nations. Staff and students joined their efforts and prepared something unique from their country for everyone to taste. 

Last night’s Community meeting was run by our Family Ministry School and the evening turned out to be great fun.  We played some games but also focused on families and the importance of God’s blessings being carried over through generations by and through the family. As the evening draw to a close the generations (the oldest to the youngest) had the opportunity to pray for each other – one generation for another. 

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