We praise God for the new school building that will be used for Christian education on the YWAM property here at 2 Luyt street, in Worcester.

Lifestyle Christian Academy is a Christian school running from the YWAM Worcester property headed up by a missionary couple from Korea, Jong Woo Kim and his wife Hyon Joo Kim. They have seen tremendous growth in the school since they started leading the school at the end of 2012. God has placed a beautiful vision in their hearts for Christian education and together they are trusting God to make a great impact on future generations.

Due to the fact that they are quickly running out of space the new building will be a much needed relieve for the next season. The building will continue to serve the base and will eventually be used for the pre-school when the school moves to a larger property.

Please continue to pray with and for this vision and for everyone that is involved and serving the school.

school ground break

Teachers break first ground

school kids

School pupils and teacher

2014-03-13 11.38.39

Foundations being prepared.