The Graduation of the English Language School level four students was a great evening. Level four is the final level of the English School Training on the Worcester base and the evening was made very special by the staff of the school. Two of the students had an opportunity to give a short testimony and both testified of how grateful and thankful they were. They told that how they could not even speak one word in English when they arrived in the beginning of the year from Brazil and even felt a little bit awkward when people would start speaking to them because they could not understand what was being said. Now they could speak and even do so in front of others and they are confident enough to even give a speech in front of others. To those of us that was listening to them, we could hear that they were speaking quite fluent and we laughed with them as they made some jokes and shared some of their experiences. After the students received their certificates they were prayed for and commissioned by the base leadership and others that wanted to stand with them in prayer. (A.P)