Last Thursday night we had a wonderful celebration in our Glory Hall as three of our schools graduated. They were the Awakening DTS, The Introduction to Primary Health Care School (IPHC) and the Family Ministry School (FMS).

There were beautiful testimonies from the students. We heard about physical healings that took place as the students prayed for the sick in India. We heard about the IPHC students that were able to help with the delivery of new babies in Togo and prisoners that were blessed and gave their lives to Jesus as the family ministry team worked in the prisons in South Africa. In total the teams worked in 5 different countries during their outreach phase.

We are so thankful to God for each student that was able to get trained and each life that was touched during their outreach, and we pray that this will only be the start and that their lives will continue to be a blessing where ever they may go and in whatever God may call them to do.

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