tearing down old shackbuilding shack
This week we would like to share with you a project that YWAMers have taken on in Avian Park, one of the suburbs of Worcester. YWAMers have been working in Avian Park for over 11 years, serving the community in different ways.

Recently one YWAM family felt compelled in their heart to help build a family in Avain Park a new shack to live in. They started raising funds and putting an action plan together to see this vision come to pass. Soon other YWAMers also caught the vision and they offered their help and together they were able to take down the old one and replace it with a new one. They have completed the first part of the project by putting up the first wooden house where the daughter will stay. They are currently busy with the the second wooden house that will be six meters by three meters big for the parents.

Old Shack


new Shack