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YWAM Worcester currently has the privilege to host three outreach teams that have come to serve in the community. As a base we realize the tremendous amount of work that needs to be done not only in and around Worcester but also in the whole of South Africa. People need to see the love of Jesus manifested in different ways and to do that we need all the help we can get.

The three teams that we are currently hosting is doing exactly that and we are so grateful for their help. They are a visiting church team from the Netherlands, a Korean outreach team from Kona Hawaii and an international team from YWAM Muizenburg. 

The team from Muizenburg is busy with their outreach phase for the School of Biblical studies and for the last two weeks they have been working in the Zwelethemba area with different churches presenting Bible studies en teaching Bible study methods to the community. 

The team from the Netherlands has been helping to build a youth facility at the kibbutz (A ministry serving the Roodewal area in town) and the team from Hawaii has been doing a great job with our new Lifestyle school building on the YWAM Worcester property , getting it prepared for the students that started there this term. 

If you would like to send a team or come and volunteer please let us know. We would love to host you and have you as part of our YWAM Worcester family for a season. 

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