Our last outreach in South Africa and Mozambique

We spent around 2 months traveling around South Africa, we have been to different locations spreading the good news of salvation through drama, dances, music, preaching, teachings, friendship and other strategies that the Lord was giving to us along the way.

We’ve had a wonderful time when we could get to know much more of the rich cultural diversity of this country, which believe it or not even beats Brazil down in such aspect.

We ministered in schools, old-aged homes, streets and local churches.


A beautiful country which reminds us a lot of Brazil, beautiful beaches, humid sub-tropical climate, joyful and warm people who also loves to talk. This was the second time we had the privilege of going to Mozambique; in a first occasion in 2006 we went there and distributed more than 200 Bibles through different villages. This time, of course we took all the opportunities we had to speak about our super hero.

We have ministered in schools, streets in downtown Maputo and in the poorest villages, orphanages, theaters and local churches.

In only one afternoon outreach period in downtown Maputo more than 100 people accepted Jesus as their Savior and as a final balance we had a harvest of more than 1000 lives for Christ only in Mozambique.

We were very happy to see all those people recognizing Christ as the only way to the Father and Eternal life… That’s just the beginning, let’s all keep engaged to make Mark 16, 15 a reality!

Together in the fulfilling of the great comission

Thom and Rosaria Carvalhaes