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YWAM Discipleship Training School

To know God and to make Him known

The Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS) seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for His world. The DTS is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective.

The course is a full-time program and lasts about five months. It consists of two parts: a Lecture Phase and Outreach Phase. In the lecture phase, you will learn more about God and His world. You’ll learn not only from guest speakers and the staff but also from community living and practical training. The outreach phase focuses on sharing what you’ve learned in the classroom through an intense, cross-cultural experience.

Lecture Phase


The YWAM-DTS lecture phase is a unique, 12-week opportunity to deepen your relationship with the Lord Jesus while being prepared to go into the nations.

From life-changing teaching to intimate worship times, the DTS offers an environment that facilitates the growth and development of your gifts. Daily lectures from world-class speakers provide the content, principles, and opportunities for the word of God to speak to you. Dedicated school staff are eager to come alongside you to encourage, instruct, and lead by example.

The typical topics of a YWAM-DTS lecture phase include The Nature and Character of God, Worship and Intercessory prayer, Father Heart of God, Gifts/calling/destiny, Sharing the Gospel with the Lost, Biblical World View, The Person and Work of Jesus, Person and work of the Holy Spirit, The Great Commission Mandate, among others.

YWAM Worcester DTS lecture

Outreach Phase


Did you know that YWAM Worcester have sent outreach teams to 48 countries already?

Throughout the lecture phase students will engage with a few of our many ministries and social projects in preparation for the upcoming 2-month outreach.

During the outreach phase, some students might choose to continue engaging in these ministries and develop a deeper connection with the local community, while others might serve in another part of the country, or even, on another nation. Each outreach is unique and the experience will be different depending on where you go. Your ministry will adapt to meet the needs of the local situations with an emphasis on sharing the gospel to the lost.

Past outreach teams have engaged in open-air evangelism, special evangelism programs in partnership with churches or other YWAM bases, construction projects, serving children’s programs among other activities. Some teams have pioneered creches, while others have pioneered bases among the unreached. What is going to be your experience?

No matter where you end up, you’ll never be the same.

YWAM Worcester DTS Outreach

Choose your DTS

We have a new DTS starting every 3 months. Some DTS programs incorporate a focus on a particular type of activity alongside the curriculum called “tracks”. A track could focus on sports, the arts, a focus on a particular geographic region, or a particular kind of cause.
To check the tracks are available in the DTS, choose when you would like to start your DTS.

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