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Xplore, Xperience, Xpress

Inductive Method

Observe the text closely, interpret its meaning within its context, apply & proclaim God's timeless truths

Skilled Teachers

Instruction on various biblical topics, theology, and practical Christian living

Going Deep

Spiritual disciplines are encouraged as a means of deepening one's relationship with God

Faith & Action

The school emphasizes the application of biblical principles in personal, professional, and community contexts

The xBCC is a core course registered with the University of the Nations' College of Christian Ministries.

This 12-week intensive course equips students with tools to study the Bible inductively following the steps of prayer, observation, interpretation, application, and proclamation. Leaving behind preconceived ideas, students approach Scripture as detectives – observing evidence that allows Scripture to speak to them, rather than imposing their ideas on the text.

In studying the Bible inductively, we recognize that Scripture was originally written to a particular audience – and that audience wasn’t us! The Bible was written for us, but not to us. As we understand more about the culture and history of the people to whom Scripture was originally addressed, and what the text would have meant to them, we can more faithfully apply Biblically sound interpretations to our own lives, today.

During the course of the xBCC, students will read through the entire Bible and study a selection of books, covering different biblical genres, from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The “X” Factor

The “x factor” of the school seeks to incorporate a creative aspect, catering to different learning styles and encouraging students to express what they have learnt in a creative, sensorial way.

We invite you to come and join us in Xploring, Xperiencing and Xpressing the Word of God!

At xBCC, we believe in making learning about the culture and history of the Bible both engaging and enjoyable. We bring the Bible to life through exciting activities like dramatic reenactments where students can step into the shoes of biblical characters. We also delve into the fascinating world of Jewish and Roman societies, making history come alive. Join us at xBCC and experience the fun of learning like never before!

Topics of the XBCC

All topics connect head understanding with heart and action application
  • Inductive Bible Study Method
  • Effective application and proclamation of biblical principles
  • Leading small groups and Bible studies
  • Preaching and teaching
  • Old Testament Overview
  • New Testament Overview
  • Cultural and Historical background of the Bible
  • Read through the whole Bible

Programme Information


30 August – 22 November 2024


Our fees are based on the nationality of the applicant. This fee structure (want to know more about it?) allows students from less privileged backgrounds to join our training. The fees are in South African Rand, including tuition, food, and housing for 11 weeks.

2024 PRICES:

South Africans (subsidised): R24,240
Zone 1 (African countries): R25,640
Zone 2 (Latin America and Asia): R30,840
Zone 3 (North America, Europe, and Oceania): R38,740

*Please note that every year in January the prices are adjusted according to the national inflation, usually around 6-8%).
**Prices might change without prior notice.


Doing xBCC was the best decision ever! I never understood most parts of the Old Testament but when we started studying some of the books I saw God’s character perfectly portrayed. Before, the God of the Old Testament and the one of the New Testament seemed like two different Gods. But now I understand Him as the same loving God of the New Testament. Understanding the Word has given me deeper insight into His heart and plans. My passion for the Word has been fired up as I continue to use the Inductive Method, which I learnt on xBCC, to study more books of the Bible. It is hard for me not to share what I’ve learnt every chance I get.

Lucy Maeko, South Africa

Former student