School of Communication Foundations YWAM Worcester

About the SCF

This three-month program lays essential foundations in biblical communication while advancing the individual’s skill and confidence in speaking, writing, and listening. It aims to sharpen the student’s ability to communicate clearly through cross-cultural and interpersonal dynamics, and equips students with principles of preparing and delivering a message to a variety of audiences. Through provoking instruction and discussion, video evaluation, practical and written assignments, students discover their place and potential as effective influencers in the public forum.

This course is NOT a SAQA accredited qualification.

School of Communication Foundations YWAM Worcester
Discussion Groups
School of Communication Foundations YWAM Worcester
Public speaking presentations

Who is included?

The SCF seeks participants who are eager to learn, starting from the communication basics – to a depth of understanding and growth in giving and receiving feedback, conflict resolution (including calling out ‘elephants’ in the room), alongside practicing writing and speaking skills. This school assists in deepening what it means to walk in biblical fellowship as a local body of believers – integrating head, heart, and Spirit, with knowledge, skills, and character in application. The SCF offers a holistic approach to what it means to be a biblical communicator- taking an understanding of God, self, and others to a new level. It will require humility, humour and engagement to step out of comfort zones, take more risks, and work hard on the multiple assignments – but we are in this together…

The proposed outcomes seek to cultivate a maturing awareness, and explore what it means to be fully present, fully alive – and discover more who God made you to be as a communicator. The leader of the SCF is the Founder and Author of Communication, Himself: the facilitators are a motley crew of learners and disciples alongside you – with maybe a bit more life experience. If you’re up for the challenge and are willing to jump in and join us on the journey, you are welcome – whatever your story.

Due to an intensive workload and individual attention given, places are limited – so please apply early.

School of Communication Foundations YWAM Worcester
Intercultural learning
SCF YWAM Worcester
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Expected Topics of the SCF

Communication models and foundations

Public Speaking: preparing, delivering, and evaluating a message; speech work and techniques

Research Writing; writing a paper on either an unreached peoples group, or a marginal group in society

Creative and Professional Writing: developing writing skills, tools and presenting your own work in public

The Art of Feedback, and Listening Skills: Two most important but least understood communication skills

Biblical Worldview, and the spheres of society

Cross-Cultural Communication: non-verbal communication, understanding of cultural codes, dynamics and barriers

Jesus Style Communication: biblical principles for effective communication

Intrapersonal Communication: working from the inside-out: discovering the heart of life’s matters

Interpersonal Communication: conflict resolution, assumptions, and relational matters

School Dates

August 2024
No event found!

SCF Fees

Our fees are based on the nationality of the applicant. This fee structure (want to know more about it?) allows students from less privileged backgrounds to join our training. The fees are in South African Rand and they include tuition, food, and housing.

Zone South Africa: R19,790
Zone 1 (African countries): R21,690
Zone 2 (Latin America and Asia): R26,090
Zone 3 (North America, Europe, and Oceania): R32,390

Prices might change without prior notice.

What our former students say

Learn more about the SCF

When faced with challenges, I always look back to this school. It changed everything.
- Dora, West Africa
What I learned on the SCF I put in my “back pocket” and have pulled out all throughout my life to help remind me of His truths - for myself and for others.
- Steve, North America
I felt challenged to the max through the SCF, but through the way we prepared and were mentored I learned following Christ means I can take risks, try new things, overcome fear. Today I can speak in front of many people without freaking out!
- Ali, Europe
I wouldn’t be where I am in life today without the SCF. I do still have some challenges with communication sometimes, but this school was a good kick in the right direction of beginning to improve.
Janeen, Australia
Parts of this school laid a foundation of where I am today - not only spiritually, but professionally.
- Joseph, Asia

Our Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to be accepted into the SCF?
Successful completion of a DTS with its Field Assignment.
How can I pay for my SCF fees?
There are many options to pay for your school fees. You can make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), pay via PayPal, credit or debit cards in our office, as well as cash (less prefered). There are several ATMs spread around town and you can withdraw funds from them as needed.
Do SCF students attend church during the program?
We encourage all our students to commit to a local church during their time with us. You are free to choose which church you attend. Our staff are involved in many different churches in and around Worcester and they will help you know what’s available. Your parents or your home pastor may also have recommendations for you.
Can I receive further training with YWAM after my SCF?
Yes! We encourage students to consider following up their SCF with other second and third-level schools.
Additionally, YWAM’s University of the Nations offers several training programs at campuses around the world. The DTS is a prerequisite for any other UofN training. The goal of these courses is to further equip you to accomplish the mission God has given you; they can also lead to a degree from the UofN. We’ll share more with you about further training opportunities once you’ve arrived for your school, but you are also welcome to ask our registrar about them now.
Do I need any vaccinations?
We do not have any required vaccinations for new students, but it is a good idea to be up-to-date with all of your immunization boosters before you come. You can also consult your health care practitioner for any special recommendation. Worcester is a malaria-free zone.