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Illuminating Minds, Transforming Hearts, Impacting Nations

Biblical Foundation

Grow in your understanding of the Bible and its application to various aspects of life, culture, and worldview

Biblical Christian Worldview

Receive tools to analyze and engage with the world from a biblical perspective

Discipleship and Mentorship

character building and spiritual growth, alongside academic and practical training

Critical Thinking and Apologetics:

Engage with various worldviews and articulate your faith effectively

Discover a Deeper Christian Influence in Society: Join Our School of Biblical Christian Worldview

Have you ever contemplated how your Christian faith can shape not just your personal life but the broader society? At our School of Biblical Christian Worldview, we delve into the practical application of Christianity in diverse societal domains. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ extends beyond individual salvation, touching every facet of society and bringing transformation to both lives and communities.

What Awaits You at SBCW?

Prepare for an invigorating journey where your perspectives will be challenged. You'll engage in dynamic discussions, encounter hard but rewarding work, and share in abundant laughter. This experience is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about personal transformation that starts with you.

Transforming Minds, Revealing God's Will

How do we discern the true will of God in a world filled with diverse voices and ideas? The Bible instructs us to transform our minds to understand God's will (Romans 12:2). In our course, we emphasize critical thinking grounded in scripture, encouraging you to adopt "the mind of Christ" (1 Corinthians 2:16). This approach is vital for living as God intends.

Course Highlights

  • Engaging with biblical scriptures to renew your mind
  • Historical insights into God's transformative role in societies
  • Exploring worldview impacts on culture, including arts, media, government, economics, science, and the Church

Navigating Tough Questions

Our course is designed to equip you to thoughtfully engage with challenging questions:

  • Is environmental stewardship a biblical duty?
  • How does Christianity align with scientific progress?
  • Addressing misconceptions about Christianity's role in history
  • Navigating the debate on absolute truth in a relativistic society

With a solid biblical foundation, you'll be empowered to approach all life aspects with renewed purpose and conviction.

Join Us and Transform Your Worldview

The School of Biblical Christian Worldview is an integral part of the University of the Nations Applied Christian Thinking Core Course. Earn 12 credits upon successful completion. 

Prerequisite: Completion of a DTS (Discipleship Training School).
Enroll now and embark on a journey to influence society with a Christ-centered worldview.

Programme Information


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Our fees are based on the nationality of the applicant. This fee structure (want to know more about it?) allows students from less privileged backgrounds to join our training. The fees are in South African Rand, including tuition, food, and housing for 11 weeks.

2024 PRICES:

Zone South Africa: R19,790
Zone 1 (African countries): R21,690
Zone 2 (Latin America and Asia): R26,090
Zone 3 (North America, Europe, and Oceania): R32,390

*Please note that every year in January the prices are adjusted according to the national inflation, usually around 6-8%).
**Prices might change without prior notice.